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Video Scribing… The Final Frontier?

Let’s level up for a second: selling, promoting, sharing, marketing any product or service is getting harder and harder. The consumer is getting smarter by the minute. Way back are those times when people used to pay attention to billboards, banners and PowerPoint presentations! Nowadays you have to fight to get attention from a consumer that is submerge around social media, gadgets, and devices. The information era has brought great things to our lives, but it’s also making things more difficult. But not everything is lost, people still love a great story; and better yet, if is told with originality and creativity. That’s how Video Scribing was born… as an original way to share any type of story, a way to make people curious and always looking for what’s coming next. Video Scribing… Can I share my business info in this exiting and effective way of communication?

You can share anything this way. Look at one of our Video Scribes drawing video:

As you can see, video scribing is a fun way for you brand to share any type of information with your audience. Your whiteboards presentations can be web commercials, explainer videos, product demonstration, and even to promote your services, etc.

Video Scribing… Is it right for me?

Video scribing is right for anyone, brand, or individual who wants to share what they do, their products or services with their audience. Video Scribing is so new and original that people get hooked from the beginning to the end, and even more when it’s about something they are interested in. You can see our various packages here. Our goal is to tell YOUR story in the most original and effective way, so that you can engage your audience and boost your business. Video Scribing is here to stay. Take advantage of it and let your story be told by true artists. Visit for more explainer videos.
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Marketing has evolved a lot in the last century, but there is no denying that most of the drastic changes that have occurred in marketing have all happened since the internet was invented. We are now able to promote our business in ways that we would never have imagined in the past. The biggest problem with society today is that everything is moving very fast. This means that marketing needs to be done with more efficient methods and you can’t simply expect to get the same results now that you got 20 years ago from standard marketing.

The marketing revolution has come in the form of whiteboard animation videos that create the perfect explainers for any kind of product or service that is out on the market. The best thing about this kind of videos is that they combine visual presentations with narrations as well as text in most cases. All of this is delivered with a fast and dynamic video that catches the attention of people and doesn’t force them to read long articles or presentations. That is exactly what you need in modern times if you want to catch the attention of people.

You can expect a very professional service if you hire us to do your videos for you and your conversion rates will also skyrocket.

You will also be able to explain what you and your business are all about in a very clear and fun to watch video. There is no doubt that this has become the most efficient way to grab the attention of people and to allow people to get your message loud and clear. This is the future of marketing and it’s happening now, so make sure you become part of it too!

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